Address: 2 Lenina Street, Loyev, Gomel Oblast, the Republic of Belarus, 247095

Phone: +375 2347 4 22 10


The central square
The central square
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Geographical position

The Loyev region is situated in the southwest of Gomel oblast. The region borders on Bragin, Khoiniki, Rechitsa, Gomel regions. In the east along the Dnepr and partly the River Sozh it borders on Chernigov oblast /Ukraine/. The total area of the region is 104,5 thousand hectares. Half of the area is occupied with agricultural fields and some 40 per cent – with forests. Loyev is an administrative and cultural center situated on the right bank of the Dnepr some 98 kilometers from the oblast center of Gomel. The region’s territory is divided into an urban settlement and 7 rural councils. There are 71 settlements with 11,9 thousand people, of them 6,8 thousand live in Loyev.